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Journeyman ET - Radio Maintenance

Job Description
Position Title Journeyman ET-Radio Maintenance
Location Decatur, GA, US
Organization Name Avondale Car Maintenance
Date Start 02-Apr-2018
Closing Date 02-May-2018
      This posting is to fill the current vacancy and to establish an eligibility list to fill any future vacancies that may occur in the next 6 months. 
High school education or equivalent A minimum of two and one half years of electronic technician training and six years of experience as an electronic technician at the journeyman level.
Prior experience for two years on radio communications or closed circuit television systems. Possession of FCC General Radio Telephone License highly desired and knowledge of computer systems. C.E.T. or N.A.B.ER. certification will be accepted in lieu of the FCC license.
External hires will complete six months at the apprentice level; demonstrated ability to perform the Journeyman work will qualify the new hire for assignment to Journeyman level.
INTERVIEW SELECTION PROCESS: The selection process may include one or more components to demonstrate applicants’ knowledge, skills and abilities in job related areas. These may include exercises such as practical demonstrations, written communications, oral interviews and/or competency assessments.
The following information only applies to internal applicants only:
Internal Candidates will have a record evaluation check to determine if they are eligible to continue in the interview process. Candidates will be automatically disqualified for interview consideration if their record evaluations for the rolling year backward at the time of review consist of:
< >A combined total of more than three (3) occurrences and/or lose outs (tardies)Any instances of absence without leave (AWOL)Any disciplinary actionsAny valid customer complaintsEmployee has not successfully completed probationary period as a new hireNotes:
 Record evaluation will be conducted based on the twelve months preceding the initial date of the posting. Candidates must remain in good standing once selected through the job screening and offer process. Failure to remain in good standing based on the criteria listed above will disqualify any candidate.  Additional Requirements (Internal/External Candidates)
Basic Functions
    Services, repairs, and maintains communications equipment, closed-circuit television, fire and intrusion warning systems and related equipment to a standard required to operate the transit system in a safe and efficient manner.
1. Performs preventive, corrective, and mechanical maintenance on radios, radio systems, closed circuit television, fire and intrusion warning systems, and related Authority equipment. 
2. Performs electronic, electrical, and mechanical diagnosis by reading and interpreting schematics, logic, and mechanical drawings. 
3. Performs maintenance on mechanical systems such as camera mounts, headend distribution equipment, repeater equipment, cabling and mobile radio installation. 
4. Uses a variety of electronic/mechanical tools, machines, and test equipment including, but not limited to, signal analysis meter-cctv, wave form monitors, wave form generators, communications service monitors, time domain reflectors (TDR), spectrum analyzer, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes utilized in the maintenance of complex electronic equipment. 
5. Performs other related duties as assigned. 

Special Requirements
    Possession of FCC General Radio Telephone License highly desired and knowledge of computer systems. C.E.T. or N.A.B.E.R. certification will be accepted in lieu of the FCC license. Must remain in Radio Maintenance a minimum of one year after completion of training program.
Note: MARTA is a Drug Free Workplace. Participation in MARTA's Drug & Alcohol Program is a condition of employment. Failure to adhere to MARTA's Drug & Alcohol Program will result in termination. Every MARTA employee is responsible for reading and observing the requirements of the Drug & Alcohol policy. This position has been identified as SAFETY SENSITIVE.
Classification Non Exempt
  Non Exempt
Number of Openings 4
Salary Range $21.43
Salary Grade 10105
Work Hours 40
Work Days variable
Posting Type Both Internal and External
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