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The Mosquito Authority of Metro Atlanta

1905 Cedar Walk Ln.
Conley, GA 30288
(404) 312-4890
(770) 454-7414 (fax)
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    We are The Mosquito Authority… and we’re happy to be the exception, not the rule. In a world of cut-throat, money-motivated business types, we stand out. We are not a huge corporation that’s been bought for a price. We don’t have board meetings or wear business suits. And we aren’t in it just to make a quick buck. We are a group of the most dedicated, passionate individuals you will ever meet. We adore our families. We cherish our free time. And we love what we do.

    After all, we don’t just kill mosquitoes. We make back yards worth mowing and front porches worth swinging. We bring friends and family together for picnics and pool parties, barbecues and bonfires. We believe in our mission, we believe in ourselves, and we believe in one another. But we also believe that happiness and success are directly proportional to kindness and contribution. That’s why we share our knowledge with the public, our profits with the causes we care about and our message with… well… everyone.

    We are The Mosquito Authority, and we are in the business of making life better. Not just for our customers, but for every one we meet. And not because it benefits the bottom line, but because it makes the world a nicer place.